Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Essential Equipment

I think I like sailing because of the challenge of the unknown. You never really know until you’re on your way what the trip is going to be like. The wind and the waves are always different and never what the weather forecast said. They are never what the same at the end of a trip as they are at the start.

Provisioning and cooking on the boat offers its challenges. It does save us money, but I think I am more into the challenge of being somewhat self-sufficient. That being said, I pack so much stuff that should never be seen on a little boat. My list of standard equipment includes an electric frying pan, a toaster oven, a barbeque wok, an electric kettle and a large electric coffee maker for breakfast guests. I also carry a portable barbeque and a butane stove; a lot of crap on a little boat, I admit. I am assured no matter what the weather; I can cook a good meal, inside the boat or on shore.

I am often criticized for slowing my would-be fast boat down or trying to make my boat into a cottage. Of course many of those comments are from other cruisers, who are on my boat, drinking my coffee, hinting for me to make them breakfast because they didn`t realize the clubhouse was not open.

I also have a set of butter warmers. For an easy dinner with flare I buy some jumbo lobster tails or two small whole lobsters, frozen. By the time we cross the lake the lobster is thawed. I bake two potatoes, add a Ceaser salad and, voila, romantic dinner for two. Throw in some fresh fruit and chocolate fondue and dinner is complete. This is not one of those dinners I plan on when guests my stop by.

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